Establishment of Tunderman

On the 1st of January 1972, Jan Tunderman starts a small declaration company in the harbor of Rotterdam. Soon after the establishment, the first requests of performing small transport jobs for other companies begin to arrive.


Beginning of the service to the United Kingdom

At the end of the seventies, a couple of trailers are purchased and the beginning of the service from and to the United Kingdom is born.


New distribution center in Rotterdam

In 1988, a brand new distribution center is opened in the harbor of Rotterdam, right next to the ferry terminal of Stena Lina and P&O Ferries. This same distribution center is still in use nowadays.


25 Year anniversary of Tunderman

After 25 years in business, Tunderman is a well-known name in the industry. To celebrate our 25th anniversary, new trucks and trailers are being purchased.


New trucks and trailers

In 2015, a new house style is introduced to the company. This new style contains 'our' Thor logo for the very first time.


Tunderman becomes part of the VBE Group

In 2019, Tunderman and the VBE Group decide to join forces. Tunderman officially becomes part of the VBE Group, new trucks and trailers are purchased and the company is ready for the future.


Tunderman and VBT Transport Unite

VBT Transport and Tunderman, two prominent freight forwarding companies in the Netherlands, joined forces to create a robust and all-encompassing logistics powerhouse under the unified banner of Tunderman.


Tunderman moves to Dordrecht

We’ve completed our relocation from Barendrecht to a new office and strategically chosen location in Dordrecht.